ADT Home Security Systems Reviewed

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There are more than 1 million burglaries in the United States each year, and over half involve some use of force. Studies on how burglars pick their targets and why they choose a particular house show the presence of an alarm system influences even serious burglars. 

ADT is easily the largest residential security company in the United States. As such, the company has a lot to offer for home security, alarm systems, advanced hardware and monitoring options. 

This review covers the basics of ADT home coverage, likely pricing, and how it stacks up against the competition. By the end, you should have the information you need to make a smart choice about investing in an ADT home security package.

What ADT Offers

A basic ADT package includes equipment, installation and monthly monitoring. The range and type of equipment, as well as the level of monitoring and response, start at a fairly basic level and go up in price to some pretty sophisticated systems. 

In 2023, ADT will offer three residential package deals:

  • Secure Home
  • Smart Home
  • Video & Smart Home

All of ADT’s home security packages include some basic features, including:

  • Digital touchscreen control panel
  • Three door or window alarms
  • Motion detector
  • 24/7 alarm monitoring for a monthly fee
  • Professional installation from an authorized installer

Features of ADT Home Security Systems

  • Monitoring: ADT maintains 12 monitoring centers in the United States and employs a huge operator task force. The economies of scale show here, as ADT consistently outperforms the competition for threat detection, response times and customer service. When a break-in is detected, or when someone in your house trips the alarm, a trained ADT monitor tech checks your cameras (if you have them) and either makes contact through your intercom or alerts your local emergency services. Panic buttons on the touchscreen let you alert the monitoring center to police, fire and medical emergencies so the correct first responders get sent out right away.
  • Installation: An ADT system must be installed by an authorized contractor. Unfortunately, the company doesn’t offer a DIY option. Technicians can install any of the three off-the-shelf packages, but they can also develop a custom installation for any home. The installers are not ADT employees but independent contractors who earn per-installation fees and a commission for selling ADT equipment.
  • Smart Connections: Most ADT home security equipment can connect with up to 150 smart devices. This includes phones and tablets, laptops, smart TVs and other equipment for the whole family. You can use this connectivity to monitor cameras from any room in your home or remote locations while traveling. ADT integrates especially well with Alexa and other Google products since Google bought a large share of the company in 2019.
  • Contracts: ADT doesn’t offer month-to-month service; instead, new customers must sign up for a three-year contract. There is no trial period, though a six-month money-back guarantee covers first-time customers. Monthly service starts at $9.99, with the cheapest monitoring package costing $45.99 a month.

System Components

You can get a lot with your new ADT system. The table below lists some of the most commonly installed items in the inventory and the base price ADT quotes. Keep in mind that a $99 installation fee, service charges and regional differences in price may result in a higher quoted price than you see here:

Component TypeOptions AvailableADT National Price
Cameras 1. Outdoor Pro HD Camera (1080p) 
2. Indoor Pro HD Camera (1080p) 
3. Google Nest Doorbell
1. $290
2. $150
3. $229
Locks 1. Smart Door Lock1. $250
Sensors 1. Door/Window Sensor
2. Motion Detector
3. Smoke detector
4. Carbon monoxide detector
5. Flood detector
1. $50
2. $100
3. $100
4. $100
5. $100
Extras1. Secondary Wireless Touchscreen
2. Google Nest Mini
3. Google Nest Hub Max
4. ADT Key Fob: N/A
5. Yard signs and window decals
6. Emergency 2-Button Panic
7. Garage Door Controller
8. Smart plugs
9. ADT identity theft protection
10. Medical Alert Basic
11. On-The-Go
12. Medical Alert Plus
13. Lockbox
14. Wall-mount button
1. $200
2. $49
3. $269
4. Included
5. Included
6. Included
7. Included
8. Included
9. $9.99/month
10. $29.99/month
11. $39.99/month
12. Included
13. Included
14. Included

How to Get an ADT Home Security System for Your House

There are two ways to get an ADT home security system: Order the components and the package you want directly from the ADT website or contact a local installer for a quote. While you may pay a lower list price by ordering directly, a licensed local contractor still has to install the system. The local technician can also consult with you about your home’s security needs and help you develop a customized solution.

How ADT Stacks Up Against the Competition

Graphic of man installing a security system on a house

ADT may be the oldest security company operating today, but it’s not alone. The table below shows how ADT home security stacks up against some of its closest competitors.

Company NameInstallation OptionsCustomization OptionsContract OptionsPricingNotes
ADTProfessional installation only• Highly customizable with three basic packages.

• Professional consultation and development are optional
• 3-year contracts only

• 6-month money-back period
• Basic service from $120 a year

• Professional monitoring from $599 a year 
Highly professional installation and monitoring, along with excellent equipment reliability and virtually no downtime
AbodeProfessional/DIY• DIY options are highly customizable, as are custom professional installations• Monthly contracts available• $75 a year for basic service

• $240 a year for professional monitoring
Basic service can be easily upgraded with on-demand professional monitoring for vacations and short absences
Ring AlarmProfessional/DIY• Three home security plans, all of which include video sharing and stored history options that are only available on ADT’s premium levels• Monthly contracts only• $36 a year for Basic

• $120 a year for Plus

• $240 a year for Pro
Sensors, keypads, smoke and carbon monoxide alarms, automatic locks and doorbell cameras all available and run off of a single hub
VivintProfessional installation only• Highly flexible plans allow nearly unlimited combinations of sensors and monitors to create a flexible home security setup• 5-year contracts only•Professional monitoring from $299 a yearExtensive use of smart products focuses more on connectivity than high-end individual components

Overall, ADT security systems are a fine choice if you’d like to protect your home. Whether it’s the best pick for you comes down to budget, the services you’d prefer, and the features that best suit your property.

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