11 Tips To Prepare For Power Outages

Infographic of man looking at house with a lightbulb on it

A power outage can occur any time of the year due to bad weather or technical hiccups. Prepare your home for a power outage by having backup power options with these 11 tips.

The 15 Most Common House Pests That Wreak Havoc

Infographic of magnifying glass finding house pests

Insects and rodents are common pests that tend to invade your home, making themselves a nuisance and causing damage. Find out the top ones to watch out for so you can protect your property and avoid spending a fortune on repairs.

10 Ways To Use Your Home Security Camera

Infographic of person using smartphone to check on their home security camera

Most homeowners have a security camera these days, but are you using it to its full potential? Here are 10 ways to use your security camera you might not be familiar with!