The Top 12 Reasons to Switch to Solar Energy Today

Infographic of a house with solar panels

Switching to solar energy keeps the environment clean, saves you money, and enhances your overall human life. Here are the top 12 reasons why you should switch to solar today.

Solar energy comes from sunlight and is converted into electricity and heat using panels and is free to use as long as you have the solar panel necessary to convert it into electricity. One of the biggest reasons to switch to solar energy is that it’s good for the environment. However, the benefits do not stop there. You gain much more from this clean power source. 

Over the past several decades, many property owners have switched to solar; according to Carbon Brief, by the middle of 2019, solar energy constituted up to 40% of the power used in UK homes. However, if you are yet to switch to solar, here are some benefits and practical reasons you may want to install solar energy systems in your home.

1. Reduced Energy Bills

With a solar system, you generate your electrical power, which can help you save hundreds of dollars over the long term. Statistically, solar energy can reduce your energy bills by up to 70%. The reason is simple: Nobody owns the sunshine, and as long as it shines every day, you generate enough or more than you need in your home. In addition, you can store the power in batteries and use it as required or benefit from feed-in tariffs by supplying energy back to the grid when you’re not using it. 

2. Solar Energy is Portable and Applicable Anywhere

The only thing that can hinder you from using solar energy is the lack of sunshine. Otherwise, the panels are portable and can be installed virtually anywhere in the world. Remote areas without electricity access can benefit significantly as solar energy enables them to live like they are connected to the grid. You can use solar energy to power virtually any home appliance and charge electric vehicles.

3. Increased Property Value

Even if you do not plan to sell your current home or commercial building, adding to its value doesn’t hurt. If you plan to move, installing a solar system can make your property more sellable. Further, if you intend to rent the property, a solar system can also be an element of interest to tenants as no one wants to deal with power outages.  

4. Low Maintenance

Solar panels are easy to maintain. Unlike machines that run on fossil energy, these panels do not have mechanical parts that need maintenance. Even some forms of renewable energy like wind power have moving parts that must be serviced properly to keep the entire system working correctly. For solar panels, the most you need to do is clean the panel to ensure its efficiency, which doesn’t require special or technical skills.

5. Provides Energy Independence

Infographic of house that made the switch to solar power with windmills and solar panels

Most people across the globe want energy independence. Of course, most countries worldwide depend on others to get fossil fuels. This causes many conflicts between nations and, in the worst-case scenario, can lead to wars. By encouraging citizens to switch to solar energy, territories can increase energy independence. 

6. Reduced Water Use

A significant percentage of energy sources use water as their power resource; in particular, nuclear and hydropower use vast amounts of water to produce electrical power. Water dams have to be built to prevent water from flowing away, significantly impacting the environment.

Switching to solar energy will help reduce water consumption in electricity production, ensuring the ecosystem thrives naturally. 

7. Enhance human health

In addition to saving water, which is essential to humans, solar energy keeps the air clean. Unlike fossils, solar energy production doesn’t emit poisonous gasses, which pose little to no threat to humans. This helps keep the lungs and the entire body healthy. According to Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy, US solar energy can help save over 25,000 lives every year. 

8. Fights Climate Change

The issue of global warming and climate change is a big issue globally. As more carbon dioxide and other pollutants continue to be dumped in the air, climate change has become inevitable. The high carbon count increases the planet’s heat retention, causing the globe to warm more than it should. The changing conditions have continued to affect climates; some areas are too hot while others are too cold. It is no longer possible to predict weather patterns. 

According to climatologists and scientists, things can potentially change if more people switch to solar energy. Solar energy tops the list of clean sources of energy that can help slow down global warming.

9. Reduced Electricity Loss During Transport

About 3% to 5% of energy is lost during transmission. If your home or commercial building is far from the supply point, the losses could be higher. These losses may look insignificant, but in the long run, they impact energy consumption, especially in densely populated areas. Using solar panels breaks the geographical gap between the source of power and where it is needed, reducing energy loss.

10. Improved Energy Production During Peak Hours

Between 11:00 and 16:00, energy demand is usually high. During this time, the cost of electricity peaks. The best thing is that solar energy reaches its maximum energy production capacity during this period.

Besides that, power produced at this time is of a higher value than what is generated at night. So instead of worrying about increased electrical power costs at peak time, you can tap enough of it with solar panels.

11. No More Blackouts

A grid with access to solar energy is safe from overloads, a major cause of blackouts. This is especially true considering that humans tend to use more power than what is produced. Switching to solar will ensure energy independence and minimize the chances of blackouts and other incidences associated with the mains. 

12. Job Creation

From making panels to installing and maintaining solar systems, switching to solar energy creates jobs for many people in different ways. This boosts the economy while keeping the environment clean.

Finals thoughts

There are many reasons to switch to solar energy. Apart from increased efficiency in your home or commercial building, solar panels help you save money. The reduced monthly power bills can save you thousands in the long term. Above all, the best reason to use solar energy is its impact on the environment.

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