7 Stunning Outdoor Fireplaces to Transform Your Summer Evenings

Infographic of a man using an outdoor fireplace in his backyard

Adding an outdoor fireplace can turn your patio, backyard or deck into a year-round oasis.

Whether you are hosting a neighborhood bbq or simply want to enjoy some peace and quiet after a long day, a crackling fire brings an irresistible ambiance to any occasion. 

We’ve curated a list of 7 outdoor fireplace ideas to consider, each with its unique style and charm to suit your outdoor living space and make your warm-weather evenings truly unforgettable.

Factors To Consider

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Before you begin building your backyard oasis, there are a few factors to consider.

  • Purpose: Do you want your fireplace for warmth and ambiance, or are you hoping to provide a functional tool for cooking meals?  
  • Location: Where do you want to put your fireplace? Is it safe for pets and children? Is there enough space to make sure it is compliant with local regulations?
  • Fuel Type: Just like the indoor fireplace options, you can choose between wood-burning, gas, propane, and electric for your outdoor setup. 
  • Material: What material do you want to use? Stone, brick, cast iron, metal, and concrete are popular, durable and weather-resistant options.
  • Style and Design: From modern to rustic to contemporary to minimalist, there are plenty of shapes and styles to choose from.
  • Size: Measure and measure again with heat output in mind. Some fire bowls or firebox options can emit heat much further than you would expect!
  • Safety Features: Do you want safety features such as a spark screen, a safety shut-off valve, and a secure base to prevent accidents and ensure safe operation? The answer is probably yes.
  • Local Regulations: Regulations vary by state and county. Check to make sure you are familiar with any regulations or permits for outdoor fireplaces needed. Some areas may have restrictions on fuel type, size, and location. If you are a renter or live in an apartment, check with your leasing office or landlord as well.
  • Budget: Setting a budget upfront will make your decision a lot easier. Make sure to allocate money for the cost of installation, accessories and maintenance as well.
  • Maintenance: How much maintenance are you willing to perform? For instance, wood-burning fireplaces may require more cleaning and maintenance than others.
  • Accessories: Does your ideal fireplace require any additional tools? Think fireplace tools, gas log sets, covers, grilling equipment, and seating arrangements.

1. Rustic Stone Fireplace

If you have a decent amount of space and are looking for your outdoor fireplace to be a focal point of your patio, a rustic stone fireplace is a great option.

This outdoor fireplace design feature blends together earthy tones and textures that can integrate seamlessly with your outdoor surroundings. If you are looking for a cozy atmosphere where you can curl up with a book or roast marshmallows with friends and family, this is a great option.

It would also complement an outdoor kitchen adding the finishing touches to your backyard space. 

However, it is important to note this is not a budget-friendly option by any means. Therefore, save this option for your forever home.

Here are a few options to consider:

2. Modern Concrete Fireplace

If you are interested in a sleek modern design, a concrete fireplace is a great option. These outdoor fire pit varieties offer a minimalist design with clean lines and a monochromatic color scheme, which can really elevate your outdoor living space. With its understated elegance, a modern concrete fireplace is great for anyone looking for a more refined aesthetic and who wants to create a chic outdoor lounge area environment. These are popular options for rooftop patios, terraces or covered areas if you are looking to add an outdoor gas fireplace element.

Here are our favorites:

3. Mediterranean-Style Fireplace

If you yearn for some old-world charm, a Mediterranean-style fireplace will make you feel like you are on the sun-drenched shores. Design elements like vibrant colors, intricate tile work, and decorative accents create an inviting and festive atmosphere. If you want to infuse your outdoor space with a sense of warmth and vivacity, a Mediterranean-style fireplace will have you dreaming of coastal escapes and leisurely al fresco dinners.

These Mediterranean options are beautiful:

4. Wood-Burning Brick Oven Fireplace 

Do you want an outdoor fireplace that can double as a pizza oven? Combine form and function with a wood-burning brick oven fireplace. This timeless design will not only serve as a gathering point for your outdoor living area but also double as an outdoor cooking element. With its timeless appeal and practical use, a wood-burning brick oven fireplace is perfect for those who love entertaining and delighting their guests with mouthwatering, wood-fired creations. Think Neapolitan pizza, steak, or paella; really, the open fire is your cooking oyster.

Here are a few to consider:

5. Portable Fire Pit

If you’re seeking flexibility and convenience or are on a budget, a portable fire pit may be the perfect solution for your outdoor fireplace needs. These lightweight and easily movable heaters allow you to change your fire location depending on the occasion or mood. With a variety of styles and sizes available, you can easily match it to your existing style or pick out a statement piece to visually elevate your space. A portable fire pit is also ideal for those with limited space or homeowners who want the option to adapt their outdoor layout with ease without breaking the bank.

Here are a few great portable fire pits to choose from:

6. Gas-Powered Fire Table

Experience the ultimate fusion of form and function with a gas-powered fire table. These modern and stylish fire features serve as both a fireplace and a table, providing warmth and ambiance while offering a practical surface for drinks and small plates. Ideal for those who value convenience and efficiency, a gas-powered fire table allows for instant ignition and precise temperature control, making it the perfect addition to any contemporary outdoor living space.

Check out these dual-purpose options:

7. Custom-Built Fireplace

For those seeking a truly unique and personalized outdoor fireplace experience, you may do better investing in a custom-built fireplace. Collaborate with a professional designer or contractor to create a one-of-a-kind fire feature tailored specifically to your style, preferences, and outdoor living space. 

From incorporating intricate architectural details to selecting the perfect materials and finishes, a custom-built fireplace allows you to express your creativity and design the ultimate centerpiece for your backyard oasis. There are also some outdoor fireplace kits that give you all the pieces; you just have to put them together!


There is a laundry list of reasons why you might want to add an outdoor fireplace to your home this year, from enhancing the ambiance, warmth, and charm of your backyard to adding some style and design to your space to simply wanting to create an environment that welcomes outdoor use.

An outdoor fireplace will transform your summer evenings and create unforgettable memories with friends and family in your outdoor space. There is something for everyone, from DIY options to gas fire pit tables to electric fireplaces to Mediterranean beauties.

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