LeafFilter May Be the Best Choice for Protecting Your Gutters

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Your roof spends the whole year collecting debris. Dust, grit, twigs and branches, leaves and various children’s toys can all get caught on the large surface area the typical suburban roof presents. When it rains, all that debris washes right off the roof and into the gutters. In no time, your gutters get clogged and block the normal flow of water off the roof. As water spills out of the gutters and onto the ground, your house is at risk of basement leaks, mold growth and even water damage to the foundation. Leaking gutters is also a leading cause of interior leaks, which causes untold damage to countless homes in every part of the country.

You can manage these issues with regular gutter cleaning and maintenance. If you can climb up the ladder and spend an afternoon digging sticky buildup out of the gutters by hand, then pressure washing the residue left over, you might get a good heavy rain season out of the gutters before it’s time to clean them out again. Even better would be finding a permanent, low-cost solution to the problem without needing new gutters. LeafFilter is the solution you’ve been looking for.

What Is LeafFilter?

LeafFilter is a unique gutter protection system that uses a three-level filter system to screen out everything but the water running off your roof. The system works with your existing gutters and hangs at the optimal angle to shed debris while letting water flow freely through the enclosed gutter system. Sturdy mounting hardware helps keep everything in place, and the LeafFilter system comes with a transferable lifetime warranty you can count on.

How Does It Work?

The heart of the LeafFilter gutter protection system is the fine mesh that covers the triple filter system. This mesh is made from surgical steel that’s highly rust-resistant, giving it a lifetime of reliable service without corrosion or worn spots. The 275-micron weave is narrow enough that even shingle grit doesn’t get through, though the surface tension underneath pulls water right down into the gutter. 

The top layer of the LeafFilter system is sloped to encourage debris to wash right off the roof and away from the mesh. Underneath, a sturdy UPVC frame holds everything together and resists wind, hail and small impacts from branches and twigs. The system snaps into place over your existing gutters, leaving the rest of your roof undisturbed, unlike many other gutter guard systems.

How Is LeafFilter Different From Other Gutter Guards?

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LeafFilter is not the only gutter protection system on the market, but it is the best. The major options homeowners have for protecting their gutters are:

  • LeafFilter
  • Brush
  • Foam
  • DIY Filters
  • Micro Mesh Screens
  • Hood Systems

Each of these systems has its enthusiasts, but in a direct competition with the full LeafFilter system, it’s no contest. Here’s how they stack up across the most important concerns homeowners have about their gutters:

Gutter Protection SystemKeeps Out ALL Debris, Including Insects and Grit?Allows the Same Water Volume as an Open Gutter?Works With Your Existing Gutters and Leaves the Roof Undisturbed?Professional Installation?Transferable Lifetime Warranty?Guaranteed Performance in All Weather?Completely Enclosed System?Financing Available?
DIY FiltersNoNoYesNoNoNoNoNo
Micro Mesh ScreensNoNoYesYesYesNoYesYes
Hood SystemsNoNoNoYesNoYesNoYes

Putting It All Together for Your Home

It’s pretty easy to get started with a professional LeafFilter installation. When you call an authorized installer in your area, you can get a reliable price estimate for your particular roof design. If there are any changes to your quoted price, you’ll know well enough in advance what the issue is to be sure there are no surprises in the final price. Financing options are also available, which brings the LeafFilter system within reach of nearly every homeowner.

LeafFilter gutter guard installation is pretty quick. Professional installers set up ladders and mount secure hardware to the roof line where needed to provide a steady base to work with. Durable PVC frames are then attached, and the mesh top goes on to protect the top layer and prevent damage to the underlying structure. Everything is checked to ensure the angles are right and the system is fully enclosed. Finally, you get the paperwork for the lifetime transferable warranty, which you should keep with your important documents in case you sell the house at any time in the future.

LeafFilter Is Your Home Improvement Solution

Once you have a LeafFilter gutter guard in place, your gutters are fully protected against whatever the environment tosses at them. Leaves, sticks, grit, pollen, insects and random bits of debris can harmlessly wash right off of your roof and to the ground without impeding the flow of water through the gutters and away from your foundation. Homes protected by a LeafFilter system require practically no upkeep for the gutters, and you can give up the annual chore of scooping out the muck forever. The rust-resistant mesh hardly needs attention, and what little it does need is usually just a quick spray with your hose.

Homeowners have a lot of choices when it comes to keeping their gutters clog-free and reducing the hassle of maintenance and cleaning cycles. If you’re looking for a zero-hassle solution that fully protects your drainage and lasts a lifetime, LeafFilter might be the system you need. 

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