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Originally operating under the name “Empire Plastic Covers” in Chicago, IL, over 50 years ago, Empire Today (previously Empire Flooring) is a nationwide provider of flooring material and flooring placement services in the following states:

Connecticut MissouriUtah
GeorgiaNew Jersey Washington
IllinoisNew YorkWisconsin
Indiana North CarolinaWyoming
Kentucky Ohio

Empire Today is famous for its memorable commercial jingle featuring the cartoon “Empire Man” waving at viewers as the song “800-588-2300, Empiiiiire!” plays in the background. 

What Kind of Flooring Materials Does Empire Today Offer?

Empire Today offers two main types of flooring materials: vinyl and carpet. The right choice for your floors depends on your goals and limitations.


Vinyl flooring options include:

  • Sheet vinyl
  • Luxury vinyl tile

Luxury vinyl tile is waterproof, has a noise-reducing backing, and feels and looks like natural hardwood. Sheet vinyl is simply a large, seamless piece of tile available in a wood, tile, or stone appearance.


Options for new carpet include:

  • Types: Pattern, plush, Berber, indoor-outdoor, frieze, and commercial-grade carpet. Empire’s HOME FRESH carpet is mildew and mold resistant, helps reduce odors, and won’t trap allergens in carpet fibers.
  • Colors: Red, green, black, blue, cream, gray, beige, and multi-colored carpet.
  • Optional Features: Stain-resistant, pet-friendly, hypoallergenic, odor-neutralizing, and eco-friendly carpet.

Empire has next-day carpet installation available for in-stock carpets in select areas. Customers will need to call the nearest Empire Today location to find out if they can take advantage of next-day services.

Room Visualizer Tool

Visitors to Empire Today’s website (empiretoday.com) can use the Room Visualizer tool to see how different types of flooring would look in their homes. Customers can upload a picture of their living room, kitchen, bedroom, or even garage and toggle between flooring options and colors they are interested in having installed. Once the customer has decided on the flooring they want, Empire Today provides an online form to schedule a Shop-at-Home appointment. 

Financing Options

Empire Today offers financing plans through Synchrony and Wells Fargo Bank. The 12-month financing plan comes with a zero percent interest rate if the customer pays their bill in full before their 12-month plan ends. You can also choose to make several lump-sum payments or pay in monthly installments. 

A two-year financing plan is available with an 11.99 percent interest rate. However, customers choosing this plan must make monthly payments to receive this interest rate. 

Free Estimates

Customers can call Empire Today or book an appointment online for a free estimate. An Empire representative will visit their home, discuss the customer’s flooring goals, and evaluate the room or rooms where they want new flooring. Free estimate appointments can also be scheduled online. 

One-Year Warranty

One-year installation warranties cover all carpet and tile flooring materials and involve the following guidelines:

  • Workmanship defects emerging within the warranty time frame (12 months) will be repaired by Empire Today technicians. In some cases, customers may receive a full refund.
  • Customer claims must be approved by a representative who will inspect the defect(s) to determine if the defect(s) is due to poor installation procedures.
  • Warranties are not transferable if the customer sells their home within the year the warranty covers.

Customer Support Services

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Contacting Empire Today can be done via email, live chat, or phone (24/7 support). Emails sent to Empire are typically replied to within 24 to 48 hours. Using the live chat feature on their website allows customers to book an appointment, find the nearest installer or sales representative to their location, or ask “general help” questions. 

Pros of Empire Today

  • Next-day installation available for in-stock flooring material
  • Free estimates
  • Good selection of flooring materials and styles
  • Room Visualizer tool allows customers to see what new flooring looks like in their home
  • Hypoallergenic and eco-friendly flooring materials are available

Cons of Empire Today

  • One-year warranty on only installation defects (must be approved by a representative after the customer files the claim)
  • No pricing information is available on Empire’s website
  • Not available in all 50 states
  • Limited financing options
  • Limited wood flooring options

What Do Customers Say About Empire Today?

Empire Today is not accredited by the Better Business Bureau. Currently, Empire has a rating of 1.04/5 stars based on 23 customer reviews. The BBB has given them an “F” rating.

Here are a few samples of the reviews for Empire Today on the BBB website:

06/08/2023: “After Empire put carpet in my living room, I could not open the door because the padding and carpet is too thick. I asked them to fix the carpet so I could open my door, and they told me it was not for them to do and that I should cut the door down to size! Also, the molding around the floor keeps popping up. I will never refer this company or do business with them again.”

01/27/2023: I scheduled to have my master bedroom’s carpet replaced on January 27. The salesman told me that the crew would move the furniture before and after they placed the carpet. Yesterday, I received a text “reminding” me to disassemble large furniture. I wanted to know if I needed to disassemble the bed, and they said yes. I told them I may need to reschedule because I might not have the bed disassembled in time. The representative then canceled my installation appointment. I have already paid them for the job. I called three times today, and all they tell me is that my installation is ‘pending.’”

02/14/2022: “Horrible! The contractors did a rush job and did not secure the floors. I now have gaps all over my home where the planks are separating. I have called to try and get this resolved to no avail. Once Empire gets your money, they are done with you. Do not waste your money or time on this company.”

Overall, it seems Empire Today may be an ideal option for those who want quick, relatively easy flooring services. However, if you want a full range of financing and flooring options, your money is probably better spent elsewhere. 

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