25 Ways To Use Bi-Fold Closet Doors

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If you’re thinking about replacing your bifold closet doors to give your space a refresh, we get it. If they haven’t been updated in a long time, these doors can start to feel a little tired or out of style. Then again, because they’re sometimes squeaky or hard to close, they can simply drive you a little crazy. 

But while replacing these doors can be a fantastic idea, throwing them out can be a really bad one. That’s because bifold doors can be repurposed for so many things!

From bookshelves to headboards to room dividers and much more, bi-fold closet doors can create areas of interest, become practical storage areas and even give you a little privacy.

So before you kick those closet doors to the curb, take a look at these DIY design makeover ideas that will give old doors new life. Here are our favorite 25 ways to upcycle bifold closet doors. 

1. Make a Headboard

If your boudoir is feeling a little ho-hum, you don’t need to invest in an expensive remodel or even a new headboard to bring a little magic to your bedroom. Repainted and relocated, bifold closet doors make a wonderful way to frame your bed.

You can leave them full-size for a dramatic approach or cut louvered doors in half with slats for a beachy or shabby chic feel. 

2. Create a Sitting Area

Placed behind your favorite chair, bifold door panels can transform a simple seat into a cozy area that invites you to relax and maybe even snuggle up with a good book. You can use neutral, washed-out paint for a rustic effect or brightly colored paint to add vibrancy.

You can even use patterned wallpaper in sections of the door for a look that’s sure to wow. 

3. Try Making a Bi-Fold Bookshelf

If you’re a bookworm or looking for a shelf to put your favorite pictures or knick-knacks, bifold interior doors can be the perfect answer. You can try a traditional rectangular-shaped bookcase or even build a triangle-shaped shelf for something a little out of the ordinary. 

Take a look at how these two home improvement ideas will help you expand your library. 

4. Create a Corner Shelf

Because bifold doors are hinged, they fit perfectly into a corner. Then you only have to paint them and add a few shelves for a perfect way to decorate and give yourself a little extra storage area. 

This idea works wonderfully in the dining room, living room, bedroom and even in the bathroom to store hand towels, tissue, soaps and more! Protip: Opt for solid core wood bi-fold doors (rather than hollow core doors) to provide great stability in this project.

5. Make a Privacy Screen

Sometimes you’re looking to create a little privacy or even hide, say, your craft corner or sporting equipment when they’re not in use. The good news is that bifold doors are a natural fit when it comes to making room dividers. 

Add a coat of flat paint or stencil on a pattern for a little more door design. You can even add door knobs for extra storage and wheels to the bottom and make a privacy screen that you can roll anywhere!

6. Make a Plant Hanger

Green up your patio or the inside of your home by repurposing bifold closet doors as a way to hang your plants.

7. Spruce Up Your Entryway

Bifold doors can also be used to add a touch of charm to your entryway. Stand them upright, add a mirror and some hooks, and you have a cute place for guests to hang their hats or take a quick look at themselves.

Bifold doors can also be turned on their sides and hung from the wall to make a perfect coat rack with the addition of a few hooks. 

8. Kitchen Storage

Pressed for storage space in your kitchen? Louvered panels can give you a place to hang kitchen utensils, hand towels, pot holders and more. 

9. Get Artsy

We love this bifold door that spells out home with the addition of some wooden letters and a wreath. It’s just one way of turning a bifold door into your personal canvas of creativity. You can even create an art gallery feel by hanging your favorite pictures, jewelry, silk flowers or even some fairy lights for extra pizazz!

10. Make a Mantle

Don’t have a fireplace? Don’t worry! You can still add a sense of coziness to your living room by using interior bifold doors to create a faux hearth. It also gives you a nice focal point and an area you can decorate with your favorite pictures, plants or other decorative items. 

11. Night Stand

If you add a shelf to your old closet door, you can attach it to the wall next to your bed to create a unique night table. Now the place where you put your books, glasses and cell phone will feel like a piece of art. 

12. Make a Cabinet

If you’re an ambitious DIY kind of person, then you can also cut bifold doors in half to make French doors for a storage cabinet. And who couldn’t use a little more storage.

13. Make a Bench

Repainted or stained, a solid bifold door makes the perfect benchtop. Then with the addition of some legs, you have a sitting area for your entry hall, patio or garden. 

14. Spruce Up Your Patio

Adding a privacy screen to your patio will make it more cozy and inviting than ever. Stain or paint it the color of your choice, and then think about adding some candle holders to really up the ambiance of your outdoor space. 

15. Make a Trellis

Bifold doors can even find new life in your garden as a trellis. The doors will act as the side panels, and you can add a small roof made of upcycled wood or the material of your choice to create a cute door frame. It makes the perfect place to hang plants or grow a creeping vine. Your garden will feel more romantic than ever. 

16. Make Barn Doors

Old bifold doors may be out, but rustic barn doors are definitely in. Upcycle your old closet doors by staining or painting them. Then you can hang them to create sliding doors for the ultimate farmhouse chic.

17. Create a Jewelry Hanger

Have you grown out of your jewelry box? With the addition of a few hooks, both solid and louvered closet doors make the perfect place to hang your necklaces, earrings and other bobbles. 

18. Make a Chalkboard

Need a place to write notes to your family or remind yourself of things you need to do? The addition of a chalkboard to a bifold door will take your message board from utilitarian to super charming.  

19. Make a Coffee Station

You can also use bifold doors to create a coffee or other drink station. Take a look at this example. With the addition of a charming sign, a small shelf and everything you need to make a cup of java, it feels like a mini cafe has been created. 

20. Console Table

Because bifold closet doors are long and thin, they make the perfect tabletop for a console to put behind your sofa or in an entry hall. You’d never guess this table was once hanging in someone’s closet!

21. Clock

If you like that vintage feel, a closet door can even be used to create a farmhouse clock.

22. Frame Some Sconce Lights

Sconce lights are the perfect way to create a cozy atmosphere in any room, but when you hang them from repurposed closet doors, it elevates the design cue even more. Take a look at how these bifold doors with lamps add a touch of rustic charm to this dining room. 

23. Make a Lamp

Louvered closet doors can even be cut in half and then used to create the sides of a unique floor lamp. It’s a truly brilliant idea for lighting up a room. 

24. Make a Side Table

Or, if you prefer, add a glass or solid tabletop to cut down closet doors to make a cute side table perfect for holding a plant, book or anything else you’d like to display. 

25. Utility Room Shelf

We also love this smart idea for repurposing closet doors as a wall shelf by adding a few pieces of hardware. Who says laundry room shelves can’t be charming too?

Upcycle Your World

Even if you aren’t an expert craftsman, upcycling old closet doors can really elevate the ambiance of your home decor and garden. If you have some outdated bifold closet doors, a new coat of paint and a little imagination can bring them a whole new life and use.

Even if you don’t have closet doors to repurpose, they can often be found at thrift stores and garage sales for reasonable prices. And with all of the ways you can reuse them, investing in some bifold closet doors is always a fantastic idea!

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